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Xtreme Chain Reaction or XCR® is a proprietary DNA/RNA amplification chemistry that is 5- 10 fold faster than PCR, the “gold standard” in DNA/RNA amplification, reducing test turnaround time, increasing instrument throughput and driving down cost of test development and reagent consumption. As a method and assay design technology, XCR® uses a unique combination of thermal cycling, primer design and template selection to deliver more efficient DNA/RNA amplification with standard enzymes and reagent concentrations.
XCR® ’s primary differentiating factors are amplification speed, at ~5 minutes, and resistance to classic PCR inhibitors— in the presence of whole blood, XCR® has at least 30,000-fold greater sensitivity than PCR. This feature provides a route to simplified sample preparation essentially eliminating the purification step required in PCR. Thus XCR® combines the strongest points of PCR and isothermal methods while discarding their weaknesses—finally producing an amplification chemistry that has the flexibility and speed to make low cost near-patient and field-based molecular testing an everyday occurrence.