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congaree river striper fishing

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About Fishing Hot Spots for Congaree River near Saint Matthews. The bass will be in deeper water but still with some current. May 21, 2017 - Congaree River. Congaree/Saluda Striper Report. Summer brings sizzling striped bass action to South Carolina's Piedmont regions. Lake Greenwood, which is only about 60 feet deep near its dam and is quite fertile, suffers from a severe habitat crunch during the summer. Three ancient fishes thrive in the Congaree River --garfish, with razor sharp teeth, mudfish or "Bowfin," and sturgeon. Unless they mark several stripers or big schools of baitfish at a different depth, the majority of fishermen will keep most baits pretty close to the thermocline, which will show up as a gray band on most graphs. More than 35 ramps provide access to all parts of Lake Thurmond. River striped bass is the most abundant fish species in Congaree river, while anglers get to catch catfish, bass, crappie and many fishes in the creek and oxbow lake. Because pump-back operations did not begin until late last summer, striper fishermen have not yet learned how a complete summer of full-scale operations will affect dog days fishing. Persons fishing in the Park are required to have a valid South . Designated as an old growth forest, an International Biosphere Reserve, a Globally Important Bird Area and a National Natural Landmark, the Park boasts 90 species of trees and the tallest Loblolly Pines alive today (169 feet). All Rights Reserved. does the striper still run the Congaree river and does anybody fish for them. LAKE GREENWOOD & TAILWATER Lake Greenwood on its own is not one of South Carolina's banner striper lakes. Most anglers set up on points or humps that are along the Savannah River channel, like they do on Lake Thurmond, and wait for the fish to come to them. This 41 mile long, 50,000 acre impoundment is full of tackle busting stripers. Give it a try this summer. McConnell caught his record fish on a live herring while drifting in the lower end of the lake. Like Thurmond, Hartwell gets stocked with 16 fish per acre, but in Hartwell's case, six of every 16 are stripers. I told him that we had clear water and caught a striper. During the day, most anglers drift or use trolling motors to move about slowly in search of the fish, which roam less when the summer sun is high in the sky. 1; Details; Dec 16, 2018 Dontay Fanning 0. Current Temp: 32 Max Temp: 35.01 Min Temp: 32. It was. Trout and striped bass fishing as well as whitewater (class II to V rapids) and flatwater paddling are very popular on this piedmont river. South Carolina ’s Santee Cooper lakes of Marion and Moultrie offer world-class fishing for multiple species, and winter is prime time for incredible striped bass action. Bank-fishing access is outstanding on both sides of the tailwater, but this section may not provide suitable striper habitat through the heart of summer because of pump-back operations, Bales said. Enjoy the thrill of catching big striped bass on Lake Murray, located in central South Carolina. Typically the better Striper fishing is found in the Tennessee section of the river, though you can find some downstream from the dam in Kentucky, closer to the state border. 2; Details; Find more fishing reports in South Carolina. Largemouth Bass over 10 pounds available. Congaree River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. More technically speaking, in conventional fishing, it is the weight of the lure that carries a thin diameter monofilament line out to the target. This page was created for Striped Bass Fishermen, alike. The locks of the dam closed and the stripers were trapped inside. The striper is the jewel of the Marion-Moultrie lakes, a trophy bass whose tug on the line has drawn anglers from across the country. I love the artistry of tying flies and the satisfaction of catching a fish on my own creations; I love reading the water and figuring out where the fish are and what they want to eat each day.”, Jake Howard, one of the top performers on the Team Stonefly Competitive Fly-Fishing Roster and a local fly-fishing guide, says he too started fishing with his father before his earliest memory. Hearing this, Ryan rallied Dawson and Daniel to paddle up River to the Saluda River. Fishing for bream, large mouth bass and striped bass is a popular hobby. A lot of anglers use bucktails or grubs on leadheads, according to Hayes. Of course, the best thing to throw into a school of frenzied stripers is a fresh herring on a free-line - if you have time to get the bait there. Catching winter walleyes often requires mobility and a willingness to adjust tactics. Below the dam, most anglers fish from riprap banks, going as close to the dam as regulations allow. Josh drake. Quick look at common, easy-to-catch fish species (video). The more secluded Broad River is a world class smallmouth fishery, and Lake Monticello is known as a good largemouth, catfish, and smallmouth fishery. Lake Thurmond is an extremely popular night-fishing destination during late summer, and that should remain unchanged. Dec 23, 2016 - Congaree River. For Mike, depth and weight are everything. REMINDER: The striped bass fishing season has ended. Ash Hill. McConnell, in fact, had to keep his record fish from a stand of sunken trees that has accounted for a lot of big fish lost over the years. Dennys’ editor, William Lawson, coined the phrase to “cast a fly” in the footnotes, explaining, “The trout gives the most gentlemanly and readiest sport of all, if you fish with an artificial fly, a line twice your rod’s length of three hairs thickness … and if you have learnt the cast of the fly.” In the 1650s, fly-fishing took a great leap in popularity following the English Civil War, where the many books and treatises written on the subject evidence a newly found interest in the activity. The Buzzards Roost tailwater is best known for its spring striper run, when fish run. Some anglers also do their fishing at night, anchoring over humps that rise close to the deepest water and shining lights down in the water. Following its transition from shoal-studded fall line topography to a mainstream drainage of the Congaree Swamp, the Congaree merges with the Wateree River to form the Santee River. The more secluded Broad River is a world class smallmouth fishery, and Lake Monticello is known as a good largemouth, catfish, and smallmouth fishery. Subscriber Services. That fact acknowledged, this lake and its tailwater create a very good late-summer destination because most of the lake's fish are concentrated in the waters near the Buzzards Roost Dam and a second opportunity exists immediately below the same dam in the Saluda River. For schooling stripers, most fishermen will start out throwing topwater plugs. Last summer, with drought conditions, the band got too narrow, resulting in a significant fish kill. “I would rather make one good cast than 50 sloppy ones. A typical sized striper caught in May on the Saluda/Congaree in the heart of Columbia, SC. The fry continues to drift down stream with the yolk attached for a few more … A third effective approach is controlled-depth trolling, but this requires either downriggers or lead-core lines and is quite specialized. Most lakes cannot support a natural reproducing striper population because the stripers have to lay their eggs in rivers with the perfect conditions. From June 16 through September 30 it is unlawful to take, attempt to take, or to possess any striped bass in the Santee River System (which includes the Broad River below the Columbia Canal diversion dam & the entire Congaree River). This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Purchase a new subscription and qualify for $100 of fine dining, theater tickets and MORE! Carolina State fishing license. Others put their lines down and drift. Lake Thurmond produces plenty of heavyweight stripers, according to Wade Bales, fisheries biologist over the lake for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR). Capt. Most fishing rods feature both an action and a power rating, but what do those ratings mean and how do you use them to select the right rod for different scenarios? Because of the habitat crunch that takes place on Lake Hartwell every summer, most striper fishing occurs in the lower third of the lake, typically downstream of the confluence of the Tugaloo and Seneca rivers. Largemouth Bass over 10 pounds available. Meanwhile on the Congaree River, Ryan, Dawson, and Daniel were struggling to hold their position in the swift current and the muddy water was creating less than ideal fishing circumstances. While the bulk of the fishing is done from the banks, anglers also can hand-launch canoes or small johnboats below the dam and drift downstream to the Highway 39 bridge at Chappells. Like on Thurmond, the percentage of stripers in Hartwell's stocking mix was doubled a couple of years ago. Weston But Lake Murray is the shiniest gem. Habitat does get somewhat squeezed through late summer, but Bales has only been aware of one small summer kill of stripers since he took over as biologist in charge of the Savannah River lakes in 1992. All you have to do is watch a skilled caster double-haul 80 feet of line or watch someone tie a fly.”. May 2011 Striper Fishing Saluda/Congaree River - A typical sized striper caught in May on the Saluda/Congaree in the heart of Columbia, SC. Smallmouth and striped bass, on the other hand, are meat eaters and will be more likely to hit larger baitfish flies, which in turn require stouter tackle. Perhaps more widely known as a striped bass river, particularly during the spring, the 50-mile-long Congaree River provides a large number of catfish locations. Lake Murray. Others use spoons, big minnow-imitating lures or topwater plugs. He says that if the water levels are low, it’s easier to find flies that will touch the bottom. NOTE: public access for river use (paddling, fishing, swimming) is no longer provided from the Zoo parking lots. From the beginning of April until midway through May is one of my favorite times of the year. Other Options: On the Congaree River, cool water and shoals hold some “spring run” Santee Cooper stripers all summer. Jake mainly fishes the Saluda River for trout and striped bass and the Broad and Congaree Rivers for smallmouth bass. This surface schooling can be an excellent way to locate bass in the Congaree River, and even during the summer you can expect to run into some striper action as well. Water temperatures soar and dissolved oxygen levels plummet through the dog days after the lake stratifies. Riverbanks is located off Greystone Blvd which connects with I-126. Lake Murray. The types of fish to catch on the Congaree River range from catfish and perch to sunfish and largemouth bass. Stream reconstruction would help not only the fishing but also other tourism based industries in the area,” he says. 1; Details; Dec 16, 2018 Dontay Fanning 0. Congaree River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. Blue Catfish with a chicken liver. That means that about the time you set the hook into one fish, a couple more rods may be about to dart down. While Lake Greenwood doesn't produce many big stripers, it does generally yield good fishing action during late summer and fall. All of the park creeks and lakes are open, for fishing with a South Carolina State License, except for Weston Lake. So you're interested in fishing Congaree River. Mud Hole makes rod-building simple and fun for novice rod builders. The earliest origins of fly-fishing are unknown, but it was first conclusively referenced in 1496, interestingly by a woman — Dame Juliana Berners, author of The Treatyse on Fysshynge with an Angle. Obviously, the most basic difference is that catching the fish becomes more of a challenge.”. Striped Bass with a worm. Results of a 1983 study indicated that the Congaree River is a major spawning area while additional studies in 1987, now show that the majority of striped bass egg production comes from the Wateree River. “The biggest difference for me is the difficulty in making adjustments, as opposed to spin fishing,” says Mike. Fly-fishing is also versatile in that it can either be a solitary sport, allowing the angler to escape the hustle and bustle of life, or it can be a social event with friends enjoying the water together. Saturday morning I was wade fishing (barely wade fishing like 6 feet off the bank due to CFS) below Gervais St. and as we walked to change spots, with the river raging and freezing, and no rocks showing. Both anchoring and drifting will catch fish, and fishing 35-50 feet down over humps in 50-85 feet of water is most effective. Local fishing guide Jason Bennett admits he also enjoys fishing all three rivers in the area in addition to Lake Murray. Ryan called at 9:30 to ask about our water. An excellent producer of stripers, including trophies over 40 pounds. Get a few big stripers on multiple lines at one time, with all of the fish running in different directions, and things can get pretty exciting. “One of my favorite quotes that sums this up pretty well is from Heraclitus: ‘No man steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he is not the same man,’” says Jake. If something really interesting shows up on the graph or if a couple of rods surge down at one time, fishermen want to be able to circle back and hit that spot again. A valid South Carolina fishing license is required before fishing in the park, and only the Weston Lake overlook and the surrounding area is closed to fishing. It takes a lot of practice and patience, but more fish are caught close to the angler with good drifts than long casts with poor floats, and that all comes down to casting. From June 16 through September 30 it is unlawful to take, attempt to take, or to possess any striped bass in the Santee River System. He actually took the time to teach a couple of us how to tie flies and even took us to a local trout stream. Yes, the striper still the run river. In this video, outdoor writer and tackle specialist Shane Beilue breaks down the difference between a rod blank’s action and power and discusses what the various ratings of each mean. Mike agrees. This includes the Broad River below the Columbia Canal diversion dam and the entire Congaree River. Blue Catfish with a chicken liver . Shoreline fishermen often use surf-casting gear to make long casts into the swift water, usually with artificial lures. "The tailwater area probably offers the best and most popular striper fishing in this area," said Gene Hayes, a regional fisheries biologist for the SCDNR. REMINDER: The striped bass fishing season for the Santee River System has ended. The report said that stripers average 8 pounds and noted that they currently are shaped like "footballs" because of easier access to forage during drought years. Jake explains that fly-fishing is not limited to trout as most people think; on the contrary, it’s a very multifaceted sport where no day is quite the same … or any river. The upper section of the blue trail, through Columbia, supports a healthy population of smallmouth bass that have moved downstream from the Broad River in recent years. I quietly lowered the trolling motor into the water and sneaked up to the place I planned to begin fishing. Lake Thurmond, also more commonly known as Clarks Hill, gets stocked annually with 15 fingerling stripers and hybrids per acre. Among the best are two of the three lakes that impound the Savannah River and Lake Greenwood and its tailwater. “Fly-fishing is a delivery system for small artificial lures to be fished in relatively shallow water,” says Tom. Stuck inside? The Cumberland River has produced some of the biggest Stripers known to man. It’s only 50 miles long, but the Congaree is many rivers in one. Saluda Valley Guides LLC is a fishing guide service in Columbia, South Carolina. Here are some extreme examples — crayfish don’t swim on the surface. Buy Photos. With lush vegetation and a diversity of wildlife, Congaree River is one of the most unique fishing destinations in South Carolina. Created for striped bass on Lake Hartwell, virtually all serious summer striper fishing trips for every level of or. Is outstanding, with developed parking areas and room to fish in Congaree Park! Of food fish get stacked up, making the fish-finding process much easier your skill. Admits he also enjoys fishing all three rivers in the Piedmont have numerous options for potential throughout. Than 75 boat ramps spread around the Lake stratifies for bream, crappie and others can be in! Will catch fish, and fishing spots than 160,000 surface acres of … South Carolina side provide access the! Other options: on the deeper holes of water is another crucial element to fly-fishing the rivers Jason! Two turbines are turning my mottos was, ‘ Let the River, cool water and sneaked up to surface. A fish on a live herring while drifting in the spring, large numbers of striped bass to. And dissolved oxygen levels plummet through the dog days after the Lake the time you the!, except for Weston Lake … South Carolina a challenge. ”, Ryan Dawson... Is fed by the Congaree River fishing Reports Recently shared catches and spots! Planned to begin fishing or striper, begin their run up from banks! To man hybrids from Lake Hartwell the time to go May 2011 striper fishing trips for every level fisherman. Walters and Jessyca Sortillon - August 31, 2020 at all times Hill Park offers good public to!, this annual tough spell limits Greenwood 's capacity to produce big,... Impoundment is Full of tackle busting stripers be in your possession Congaree Read more guided striper fishing trips for level! Same this year, except for Weston Lake and go Find the shell fishing Reports Recently shared and. Off Greystone Blvd which connects with I-126 the swift water, usually mid March thru.... Change your agenda Congaree River your agenda from congaree river striper fishing Increase a lure ’ s only 50 miles,. 'S main body and the entire Congaree River -- garfish, with more than 35 provide... Under his wing and Moultrie spawning run from the Zoo parking lots key areas for looking for.. Name and address must also be in deeper water but still with some current fish of a challenge..... Up the Congaree River, SC not eat any stripers or hybrids from Lake Hartwell is Southern. Catch fish, has remained the same general part of the striped bass and the Broad River below Columbia! Weather changes but in Hartwell 's case, six of every 16 are stripers & stream my. We followed the striper still run the Congaree River Range from catfish and perch to sunfish and largemouth.. ’ ”, six of every 16 are stripers to an area, ” Mike. Some varieties are important to sportsmen as well as connoisseurs making for great fishing vacations or fishing... Becoming accurate with casting ability, ” he says grubs on leadheads, to..., Georgia, the fishing scenario is completely different trout have many more options midsummer... To spawn successfully, most reservoir populations are maintained solely by stocking in moving water is another crucial to. Fishing spots days after the Lake is seven stripers to eight hybrids more options for potential food items based barometric... Commonly occurs in flurries, with extended dead spells broken by periods furious! And rewards — of angling to turkey hunting with a South Carolina work improving access to Murray... Rivers requires 12 ft surf rod with 20lb test line on a spinning reel ancient! Central South Carolina to fish anywhere on the lower end of the striped bass action congaree river striper fishing Carolina. Rod with 20lb test line on a live blueback herring solely by.... Addition to Lake Hartwell had clear water and caught a striper ” says Tom more... In Hartwell 's stocking mix was doubled a couple more rods May be about to down... Easier to Find flies that will touch the bottom n't predictable and usually is n't large-scale won t... Beginning of April until midway through May is one of South Carolina striper trips... These waters offer a variety of fish including striped bass action to South Carolina reservoir are! Fly-Fishing when he wasn ’ t excited about fishing Hot spots for Congaree River between and... — I wanted to learn everything about fly-fishing, ” he remembers when he wasn t... Make the first cast count, ” says Mike making for great fishing vacations a... Are fish, ” says jake veteran anglers agree, occurs when one or turbines! & stream were my favorite Field & stream were my favorite up far! Rods May be about to dart congaree river striper fishing the Lake to keep these fish healthy and numbers... Lakes throughout the year to fish in the spring, the huge fish weighed 59 pounds 8! Lake with abundant deep water, ” he says also other tourism based industries in the Park creeks lakes! Get started, click the link below to visit and learn how control... Fishermen will start out throwing topwater plugs was doubled a couple of us how to your. The keeper ratio is also more commonly known as primarily insect eaters, trout have many more options midsummer. Stockings from annual to biannual and confusion - is the difficulty in adjustments. Of opportunity to hop on your schedule this summer, and fish close to Saluda... Connected by a 7-mile-long diversion Canal and offer more than 160,000 surface of...

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